Freshwave Ministries


To serve marginalized residents of Vancouver in the name of Christ!


To meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of marginalized people through Christ’s love.


  • To provide hot meals, groceries, clothing, bedding to the marginalized.
  • To encourage members to reach out and build caring, non-judgmental relationships with those we serve.
  • To seek out and work in cooperation with local organizations to provide a network of resources for those we serve.
  • To help those that we serve to build healthy physical and spiritual support structures for their lives.

Freshwave Ministries Program

Feeding Program (Vancouver)

As the number of poor and homeless individuals living in poor conditions in downtown areas continues to grow, we are there to offer help. There exists a critical need for outreach programs and services offering hope and care to those who are drowning in depression, despair and poverty. Freshwave specifically focuses on serving the needs of these people who are down on the streets.

Due to the mobile and street-based nature of Freshwave, staff and volunteers interact directly with the marginalized in their own environment. This provides a level of familiarity, comfort and credibility with those being served which leads to relationships based upon trust. This is a key factor in addressing the complex issues behind poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and substance abuse.

The Wander Inn Café (extension of Freshwave in South Delta)

Vision: A coffee house in South Delta that, through a sense of community, develops friendships and share the love of Christ!

Long term vision: To move out of a church setting into a store front setting. This will be a regular business during the day, with paid employees. The evening hours will offer the entertainment and ministry

Mission Statement:

  • To open the doors to all people, despite gender, religion, race, social status
  • To provide a venue for musicians/singers, other entertainers, to perform
  • To share the Word where there is opportunity
  • To listen to patrons, support them, as able, and to develop healthy relationships with them.

Open on the 3rd Saturday evening/monthly; held at Lighthouse Church at 7-10 P.M.

Entrance is by a suggested donation of $7.00 and covers the beverages / goodies.