our lives are not our own

In 1988 I was preparing to go to India, one of my teachers was was telling us that some of us might not come back from India, if we do, it could be in a pine box. He was asking us to talk about it. No conversation ever took place. At the time it never registered with me until we got to India. Two weeks into our Outreach, I found myself looking down the wrong end of a machine gun. At that point Glenn’s words came back to me. I wished at that point we had talked. My life at that point could have been over, and I hadn’t talked about it. This was my first introduction into overseas Missions.
It doesn’t matter what happens to this earthly body cause I am already dead. My life is hid in Christ. I have been bought by Jesus. He paid the highest price for me. John 3:16, for God so loved the world that He gave…..

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